Song Joong Ki Compares The Charms Of Park Bo Young And Moon Chae Won

Actor Song Joong Ki recently discussed the different charms of Park Bo Young and Moon Chae Yeon

When asked during a press conference held on November 16, what the different charms of Park Bo Young from “Wolf Boy” and Moon Chae Yeon from “Nice Guy,” he replied, “Park Bo Young has a personality that makes everyone feel comfortable around her while Moon Chae Won’s acting skills are truly extraordinary and worth taking notes from.” 

He went on, “Maybe it’s because I’m human, anytime I felt slightly awkward or uncomfortable on set, Park Bo Young always seemed to find a way to make the atmosphere more lively and comfortable. As for Moon Chae Won, I assumed she would keep to herself more, but I found her to be incredibly diligent and sincere about her work. She often stayed up for two days straight to memorize all her lines and come to the set prepared. So in conclusion, having had the experience of working with two beautiful ladies was a pleasant one.”