Happy Birthday Changjo! 17 Photos to Celebrate Teen Top’s Maknae 17th Birthday!

Teen Top’s maknae, Changjo, celebrates his 17th birthday today, November 16! Scroll through the gallery to see some of Changjo’s cutest moments! 

 A hungry Changjo can’t wait to get started on his lunch.

 Changjo poses with his mom in honor of Parents’ day. 

 Changjo shows of his new bird “tattoo.” 

 Changjo pouts for his fans.

 Changjo shows off his various facials and emotions.

 Why is the adorable maknae blushing? 

 Changjo gets in the holiday season with red and white. 

Changjo shows off a gift he received. 


 Changjo and Ricky flaunt their new ride.

 Maknae shares a selca from bed.

 Bbuing bbuing~ 

Changjo over flowers?


Changjo rocks his leather jacket and shades.

 Changjo sticks his tongue out as he flashes peace.

The maknae snaps another selca on his way down to Daejon.

Changjo fools around with a minifan.

Changjo gives a two thumbs up for the camera with Lee Soo Geun.