“Melodrama Queen” Moon Chae Won Shows A Different Side

Filming director of KBS 2TV‘s “Nice Guy” recently uploaded photos taken from the filming site onto his blog. 

Along with photos of cast members with serious expressions on their faces during or before filming scenes are photos of cast members will silly and comical expressions on their faces, posing together and laughing as one happy gathering of friends. The photos gave the impression that the set was always bustling with a warm and lively atmosphere. 

Recognized by all for her stellar acting skills as the lovesick woman in “Nice Guy” – Moon Chae Won has earned the nickname “Queen of Melodramas” for her ability to plunge all the viewers into the emotions and experiences of her character. The photos of Moon Chae Won playing around with sunglasses, a tree branch and acting candidly with staff members showed a different side of the actress who usually performs in serious and melodramatic roles. 

In related news, “Nice Guy” aired its final episode on November 15.