Dasom Talks About Being The Youngest Member of SISTAR in Recent Interview

Star Column recently interviewed SISTAR’s youngest member Dasom!

We know Dasom as the youngest member of SISTAR and she is responsible for being the cutest member in the group. Because Dasom always tries to enlighten the mood wherever she goes, she is nicknamed “Happy Virus.” Dasom says, “The image of SISTAR is very healthy and that is the reason why I became more active and spirited.”

The Star Column asks, “What can be the benefit of being the youngest member?”

“I receive a lot of care and love from other SISTAR members. They support me, advise me and lead me. They are my unnis and at the same time, they are my life teachers. Of course, since I am the youngest, my turn comes after the rest of the members but other than that, I am happy. Hyorin unni, Soyu unni and Bora unni! I love you!”