SISTAR’s Dasom Reveals that She Is the Happiest Person in the World

“I am the happiest person in the world, I love my team and my fans so much”

During an interview with Star Column, Dasom said, “If I have to talk about all the funny episodes with SISTAR’s members, it will take years. How should I put it? All the members have different characteristics. Let me tell you about one thing that had happened.”

According to the celebrity, the group stayed in Singapore to perform at a concert last year. After all the schedules were finished, the four members secretly went to a swimming pool and enjoyed a private pool party. The sky was bright with many twinkling stars and that is when the members created closer bond to each other, by sharing the most beautiful and memorable view.

“Our group is very special for me. I really love my SISTAR members. During the trip to Singapore, under a palm tree, I suddenly realized that I am the most happiest person in the world.”

Dasom continued to express her thanks, “My dearest fans. They support me so much. I remember every fan who comes to the studio to encourage me. I always don’t know how to reply to their love and care because they are too great! I also hope that my silly mistakes would not generate somehow to make the fans disappointed. I really hope that never happens. Thus, I tend to think twice or third times before speaking out my thoughts.”