SISTAR’s Dasom Tells Star Column about the Package She Received from the US

Dasom received a special package sent from the US under the name of “SISTAR’s US fan.”

The package contained three pages of fan letters and 10 t-shirts with the Washington University logo. “The fan was a student at Washington University,” Dasom mentioned, “He heard our music and became our fan.”

Dasom was very touched when she read the letter. She went on, “The letter wrote about his life. He said he lives alone with a cat ever since his wife passed away. He was lonely and was in depression. Ever since he heard SISTAR’s song, he felt spirited enough to continue his life.”

She said she can never thank enough for her fans. She was also encouraged by reading the letter that through her singing, someone has found meaning in life.

She continued, “That is all that matters. I realized that I should try harder and that I am being loved. I will always try my best. So, please, if we make any mistakes, critique us. We will learn from it and mature. Thank you so much and I love you all.”

That ends the interview with Dasom. Of course, Dasom can’t be happy all the time. Sometimes she has to push herself to smile and act energetic. Though, it may be hard to be a happy virus to others all day long, she will continue to spread the unattainable joy to her fans.