Lee Min Jung Looking Lovelier Than Ever

Actress Lee Min Jung recently posted dreamy photos of herself in breathtaking shots. 

From the left, we have Lee Min jung in a bandage shirt where only strips of skin are showing, keeping it classy with a black solid collar. In the right, Lee Min Jung has no eyeliner on, but the lighting gives her a soft, pale skin tone- almost angelic-like as she glances down in her comfortable knit tee. 

She uploaded these on her Mini Homepage, which is part of the cyworld social networking site for Korean citizens. She also left a comment saying, “It’s been so long since I’ve posted! I entered in my social security number wrong one time and I got locked out!”

Netizens who saw the photos and comment, replied with, “We’re just glad that you even thought about us and left us a comment!”, “You’re just as beautiful as ever”, “Your side profile silhouette is truly beautiful”, “No one else comes close to your beauty” and “Everyone give it up and cheer for Lee Min Jung’s return!”