MBC Music Core 11.17.12

After being away for a concert last weekend, Girls’ Generation‘s TaeTiSeo trio returned to their hosting duties on Music Core today.

This week’s episode of Music Core featured an absurd amount of new music with comeback performances by Son Dam Bi, B1A4, Park Jung Min, Dal Shabet, A-JAX and C-Clown. Debut performances today were by Baek Seung Heon and The Seeya.

A teaser for Infinite‘s Kim Sung Kyu solo debut performance next week was also aired. Check it out at the bottom of page 2!

Comeback Stage
Son Dambi – “I Wanna Be With You” – “Dripping Tears”
B1A4 – “Tried To Walk”
Park Jung Min – “Beautiful”
Dal Shabet – “Have, Don’t Have”

Good-Bye Stage
miss A – “I Don’t Need A Man”
Jewelry – “Look At Me”

Special Stage
Ailee (feat. MIJI) – “I WIll Show You”

HOT Stage
Boyfriend – “Janus”
Girl’s Day – “Don’t Forget Me”
Noh Jihoon – “Punishment”
AOA – “Get Out”

New Song
Shin Moonsoo – “Necktie”
The SeeYa (feat. SPEED Taewoon) – “Be With You”
A-JAX – “2MYX”
D-UNIT – “Luv Me”
C-Clown – “Far Away Young Love”
Baek Seung Heon – “Til The Sun Rises”
Lee Joong Sung – “Dance Singer”

Son Dam Bi

miss A



B1A4 (Click “Play” button on the top right of the image)

part 2

Park Jung Min

Performances on Page 2 by: Dal Shabet, Roh Ji Hoon, Ailee, The Seeya, Girl’s Day, A-JAX, D-Unit, Baek Seung Hoon, AOA, C-Clown, Shin Moonsoo, Lee Joongsung

Dal Shabet

Roh Ji Hoon


The Seeya

Girl’s Day



Baek Seung Hoon



Shin Moonsoo

Lee Joongsung

Kim Sung Kyu (Infinite) Teaser