Se7en’s Sexy Selca?

Singer Se7en stuck his tongue out for a recent selca.

On November 16, the YG singer put up the picture on his Twitter along with the tweet, “G morning world.”

In the picture the singer is wearing a black wife beater, black baseball cap, and big black sunglasses. He is sticking his tongue out slightly and it looks like he’s lying or sitting back. His not quite shaven chin is noticeable.

Netizens found the picture quite sexy. “You look cool even with a beard”, “Park Han Byul is lucky”, “His stuck out tongue is sexy”, and “Unmatched sexiness” were some of the comments that were made.

The singer celebrated his 29th birthday this month and even shared a decade old picture. You can check out the picture here.

What do you think? Do you think the picture is sexy?