Secret’s Han Sun Hwa Sheds “Dumb” Image and Shows off Womanly Charms

Secret‘s Han Sun Hwa shed her “dumb” image and exuded a scent of a woman for a recent pictorial.

On November 16, “First Look” magazine revealed a pictorial featuring Han Sun Hwa. Rather than her usual bright and loveable image, Han Sun Hwa went for an alluring and womanly atmosphere.

Her hair was styled with long, brown waves. Her porcelain white skin was emphasized by her makeup-less eyes and her nude pink lipstick to perfect that sensual and graceful woman look. Her see-through black mini dress also added onto the feminine charms.

After the photo shoot, Han Sun Hwa sat down for an interview. She commented, “I was on the ‘Invincible Youth’ program right after my debut. Through these variety shows, my character kept solidifying in this direction so I couldn’t have much chances to show off my serious sides,” and “So I was really thirsty for these kinds of opportunities. I want to show everyone that I can be a serious person as well.”

She also spoke about the secrets behind her flawless skin. “Drink water frequently and try to sleep really well. Rather than using expensive skin products or going to a dermatologist, I try to exercise a lot.”