WGM’s Sunhwa Puts Kwanghee on a Leash?

On MBC’s reality show “We Got Married (aka WGM)” that was broadcasted on November 17, all the couples in the “WGM Town” showed off their costumes for the Halloween party.

On this episode, Kwanghee transformed into the character “Iron Man” while Han Sunhwa transformed into “Wonder Woman.” They appeared to be happy with their costumes, and they started to role play.

Then suddenly, Kwanghee showed interest in the rope Sunhwa was holding, which was part of her “Wonder Woman” costume. Sunhwa responded by putting the rope around Kwanghee’s neck like a leash, which created an erotic atmosphere.

Kwanghee stared at Sunhwa in a suggestive manner and joked, “This is strangely erotic.” Sunhwa then laughed and said, “What is wrong with you.”