Lee Min Ho Scares Child Fan

Fans waiting in line for an autograph from actor Lee Min Ho, snapped a photo of a heartwarming exchange between a young child fan and the actor himself gone wrong. 

After signing an autograph for the child fan, Lee Min Ho attempts to be sweet by placing a small yellow banner around the young child’s shoulders, which gets thrown to the ground. A consoling hand from a staff member rests on the shoulder of the stunned actor who laughs from embarrassment as the crying child is taken away by the hand. 

Netizens who saw the photos commented with, “I think the mom acted quickly”, “The mom must have been so embarrassed by her kid crying from the kind gesture”, “You can tell Lee Min Ho was shocked by how he’s laughing from the unexpected response”, “That’s hilarious!”, “Hey kid, consider it a blessing!”, “Why are you crying, kid?” and “Just wait until you get older, you’ll regret crying.”