SISTAR’s Bora On Ending “Invincible Youth S2”

On November 17, SISTAR‘s Bora uploaded a selca with a sad expression on her face with the message, “‘Invincible Youth Season 2′ is now finally over. Sob, sob. I am missing it already. For all of you who watched our show, thank you! Continue to watch over us and give us your love and support in the future!”

Although sad, Bora manages to make an adorable pout to express to viewers how she felt about ending the entire season. Her perfect eyebrows, doll-like features and warm orange fuzzy scarf made the selca especially adorable. 

Netizens who saw the tweet and photo commented with, “It really is a shame that it’s already over”, “You have the most adorable expressions!”, “I will definitely miss seeing you as part of the G5 on Invincible Youth Season 2” and “Even though it’s over, Fighting!”

miss A‘s Suzy, KARA’s Ji Young, Girl’s Generation Hyoyeon were also part of “Invincible Youth S2” were also part of the last episode that aired on November 17.