SBS Inkigayo 11.18.12

Just like yesterday’s Music Core, there were many comeback stages on Inkigayo today.

Son Dam Bi performed “I Wanna Be With You” and her title track “Dripping Tears.” B1A4 came back with “Tried To Walk” while Dal Shabet performed “Have, Don’t Have” for their comeback. The Seeya made their debut performance with “Be With You” featuring labelmate Taewoon from SPEED.

More comeback stages today were by Block B, D-Unit, A-Jax, C-Clown, and LED Apple. Also be sure to check out Kim Sung Kyu‘s (Infinite) teaser for his solo debut next week.


Comeback Special
B1A4 – “Tried To Walk”
Son Dam Bi – “I Wanna Be With You / Dripping Tears”
Dal Shabet – “Have, Don’t Have”
Hot Music
NS Yoon-G – “If You Love Me (feat. Simon)”
Kim Jong Kook – “Men Are All Like That”
Lee Hi – “1,2,3,4”
miss A – “I Don’t Need A Man”
Hyuna – “Ice Cream”
K.Will – “Please Don’t”
Epik High – “Don’t Hate Me”
Boyfriend – “JANUS”
FIESTAR – “We Don’t Stop”
Fresh Music
C-CLOWN – “Far Away Young Love”
Block B – “Nillili Mambo”
D-UNIT – “Luv ME”
THE SEEYA – “Be With You (featuring SPEED’s Taewoon)”
LED Apple- “Let The Wind Blow”
A-JAX – “2MYX”

Epik High

Son Dam Bi (Performance gets taken down on YouTube =[ )

miss A





 Performances on page 2 by Lee Hi, Kim Jong Kook, Dal Shabet, NS Yoon-G, A-JAX, FIESTAR, LED Apple, D-Unit, Block B, C-Clown

Lee Hi

Kim Jong Kook

Dal Shabet

NS Yoon-G



LED Apple

The Seeya + SPEED’s Taewoon


Block B


Kim Sung Kyu Teaser

Dal Shabet Special Song

Son Dam Bi Interview

B1A4 Interview