All WGM Couples Failed the Telepathy Test

On MBC’s reality show “We Got Married Season (aka WGM)” that was broadcasted in the afternoon of November 17, all the couples were given a telepathy test to assess how close they are emotionally to their respective spouses.

In this episode, the couples visited an amusement park to celebrate Halloween. After visiting a haunted house, all the men went to the washroom. Then instead of returning to their wives, they decided to play a game.

The husbands first sent their wives text messages that stated that each husband will be waiting for his wife in front of a particular ride out of three options. They then asked the wives to find their husbands by telepathy.

Unfortunately, all the wives failed. Yoon Se Ah found Kwanghee, Oh Yeon Seo found Julien Kang, and Sunhwa ended up with Lee Joon.