Suzy Shows of Her Acting Skill During the Final Episode of “Invincible Youth 2”

On November 17, the members of KBS’s “Invincible Youth Season 2” filmed their final episode.

On this day, Suzy, Yewon, and Boom were able to have a long conversation and share their feelings to each other.

Yewon started by joking, “I thought Suzy was so pretty, so I wanted to get close to her. I called her and sent a lot of text messages, but she often didn’t reply back. I felt disappointed.”

Then Boom continued to tease Suzy. He first rubbed onion on his eyes. Then with tears in his eyes, he said, “A while back after filming, I said goodbye to Suzy. I am pretty sure she saw me, but she got into the car and just drove off. I thought we were colleagues, and so I felt hurt.”

In response, Suzy rubbed the pieces of onion on her eyes as well and started to cry. She then pretended to be hurt and said, “I deserve to die.”

Meanwhile on this final episode, all the members cooked a meal and prepared a party for the citizens of Daebu Island to show their appreciation.