BoA Is a Lavender Goddess at a CF Shoot

At the CF shoot of the cosmetic brand “Missha’s” “Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule,” singer BoA showed off her loveliness.

In the pictures that were released from the shoot is BoA with brown wavy hair and simple black dress. She displays various poses and facial expressions, and her bright flawless skin is noticeable in every photos. Later the officials praised BoA for her charisma and professionalism. Despite over 10 hours of filming, BoA never complained and continued to monitor and improve her poses.

Netizens who saw these pictures admired, “I wonder how she keeps her skin so bright even without any makeup,” “I look forward to her work with ‘Missha,’” “Her flawless skin hasn’t changed since the last time she worked as the model for ‘Missha.’”

“Missha’s” marketing team leader Huh Sung Min praised, “BoA is the best musician in Korea who exhibits bold and unique charms. BoA is exactly what we want to represent out brand. During this CF shoot, she was able to show off her beautiful skin.”

Meanwhile, BoA is working as one of the judges on SBS’s “KPOP Star Season 2.” The first episode of this show was aired on November 18.