APink’s Jung Eun Ji’s Blond Selca

On the official APink’s Me2day on November 18, member Jung Eun Ji uploaded a photo of herself along with a message, “I played the role of Elle Woods on the stage for the first time today. I was so nervous but also very excited. I am going through many different emotions, but this is just the beginning. I want to thank everyone who were in the audience and my fans who encouraged me and enjoyed the show.”

In the picture is smiling Jung Eun Ji with blond hair. She is wearing a white blouse and a black jacket, and has a full stage make up on her face.

Netizens who saw this picture replied, “Jung Eun Ji looks good with blond hair,” “Blond Jung Eun Ji, good luck on your musical,” “Jung Eun Ji is definitely the most popular actress nowadays.”