Park Shin Hye Proves Her Slim Figure by Passing through a Tennis Racket

Park Shin Hye proved her slim figure by going through a tennis racket! During yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” the members, as well as the guests, had to pass their bodies through a tennis racket, a hanger, and a fish net in order to complete their mission.

Park Shin Hye passed through the tennis racket with ease, earning compliments from others who gazed at her in disbelief. Song Ji Hyo was given a fish net, which was narrower than the tennis racket. She too passed it without difficulty, impressing everyone. Following Song Ji Hyo’s success, Park Shin Hye challenged herself with the fish net and also passed with ease.

Those who’ve watched the episode commented, “Are they even human?” “I thought Park Shin Hye was on the chubby side, but she must be thin as a stick,” “If Park Shin Hye and Song Ji Hyo are that slim, just imagine how skinny idols like Girls’ Generation are!” and more.