Interview with SISTAR’s Soyu Part 1: “I Received My Beauty License in Middle School”

SISTAR’s Soyu had a chance to sit down with Star Column for an interview.

My name is Kang Ji Hyun! I loved singing ever since young and was a charismatic young child who would follow singing and dancing along with the singers on tv. However, if I just dream then I wouldn’t be able to realize my dream. That’s how I became interested in the celebrities and naturally learned about the “beauty treatment” world.

That’s how I started to study about makeup, hair, and nail art. And with time, I fell in love with the art. During middle school! I received my beauty license and participated in a beauty pageant. I received good fortune and became a member of SISTAR and realized my dream as a singer. But if I didn’t become a singer, wouldn’t I become a rising star in the beauty world? ^^

It’s true that beauty took up most of my time during my school years, but I couldn’t give up my dream as a singer. I diligently auditioned while I studied. And by chance, I was able to become a trainee at my current company. Even though I was just a trainee, I was ecstatic. It felt like I was already a singer. ^0^ From Kang Ji Hyun to SISTAR’s Soyu, I’m diligently working to spread the awareness of SISTAR. Even 10 years later, I want to travel the world and perform and I want to stand on the stage for the fans. Also, I want to be a multi-entertainer who can be a solo artist, an actress and MC for various shows!!! (I’ll do my best~! Please watch over me~!)