Song Joong Ki And Park Bo Young Take Celebratory Selca

Actors Song Joong Ki, Yoo Yeon Suk and Park Bo Young took a celebratory snapshot of their group after “Wolf Boy” passed the 5 million viewers mark. 

Yoo Yeon Suk tweeted with the accompanying photo, “We’re so excited to have passed the 5 million viewers mark we’re taking a photo to commemorate it! We’re just elated!”

In the photo, the trio are forming 500 to represent 500 man in korean, which translates to 5 million for 500 of a single man (which is equivalent to 10,000). Song Joong Ki makes an adorable surprised face with his mouth in an “O” shape, Park Bo Young makes a cute pose with her zero sign and Yoo Yeon Suk follows suit, creating overall a lively and happy cast and staff atmosphere. 

Netizens who saw the tweet and photo commented, “Park Bo Young is so adorable”, “Congratulations on a successful kick off with ‘Wolf Boy’!”, “Song Joong Ki, you’re as handsome as usual” and “Looking forward to seeing your 10 million viewers celebratory shot!”