Interview with SISTAR’s Soyu Part 4: “My Heart Races Whenever We Perform Abroad”

SISTAR’s Soyu had a chance to sit down with Star Column for an interview.

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The time I lived as SISTAR’s Soyu is more meaningful than my life as Kang Ji Hyun. It’s because I was able to experience so many things in the short 2.5 years as SISTAR’s Soyu that I couldn’t as Kang Ji Hyun. It’s something I’m thankful for and have many people to thank. I’m really happy. And more than anything else, my members Hyorin, Bora and Dasom! We have a lot of memories of sadness and laughter from our debut to now.

This is from the time last summer when we went to Hawaii to film for our music video “Loving U.” We were walking when a local resident saw us and was surprised. We saw the shocked face and thought to ourselves, “Could it be that the person recognized us? Can’t be..” when the person came towards us, opened up the bag and took out our album and asked us to sign! We were really surprised. It’s really surprising since it wasn’t near our performance area. We were so happy we thought we could have floated on air.

There were more than a few times when I felt proud to promote K-Pop as a SISTAR member. My heart races whenever we go and perform abroad and have our foreign fans give us passionate cheers. I’m really thankful and joyful that my small self can help bring awareness to Korea.

Even today, I wake up and attend to my schedules reminding myself that I and SISTAR are representatives of Korea. We will run to our dreams today as well. Even though it’s hard and difficult, we as SISTAR will do our best to go forward.

Do you know what Soyu wants to tell everyone? Thank you. Thank you! For Real!!!