Upcoming Drama “Alice in Cheongdamdong” Holds Ritual Ceremony

The team of upcoming SBS drama “Alice in Cheongdamdong” recently held a ritual ceremony to wish their production good luck.

Scheduled to first air on December 1, “Alice in Cheongdamdong” centers on a hard-working designer who plans a project to marry a rich man in order to fit into the luxurious and image-conscious world of Cheongdamdong. The drama is looked forward to by many fans as it is actress Moon Geun Young’s first comeback in 2 years, and the male lead is played by actor Park Shi Hoo.

The ceremony took place on November 14 at Gwangju in Gyeonggi province, an area just outside of Seoul. Executive Producer Han Jung Hwan said, “No late scheduling, and no accidents. I hope that the drama goes on with no troubles and that it receives lots of love from the audiences.” The producer showed his earnestness by wishing good luck for the principal actors as well as for fellow actors So Yi Hyun, Kim Ji Suk, Kim Seung Soo, Jung In Ki, Shin So Yul and for many more.

Park Shi Hoo also expressed, “I really hope that ‘Alice in Cheongdangdomg’ goes really well.”