“Infinity Challenge” Shows “Do You Remember” Ads

MBC “Infinity Challenge” and singer Kim Jang Hoon are proudly promoting Korea at Times Square in New York.

“Infinity Challenge” has presented a commercial of a Korean traditional food Bibimbap and Arirang. Meanwhile, Kim Jang Hoon is trying to spread the unveiled issues of sexual slavery in the history during Japanese conquer in Korea.

Billboard commercial is the largest and most prevalent ads that everyone of any world can see. After the sexual slavery commercial been displayed, the story was announced in Japan media, France media and other foreign media. It has been known that the ads are attracting attention. There have been many phone calls about the ads.

Kim Jang Hoon is famously known for his effort to promote Korea, He led the issues that associated with Dokdo Island, sexual slavery, Arirang and so on. The celebritiy said, “It is a lie if I say the ads don’t cost much, yet I will continue to promote Korea.”