Moon Chae Won Is a Fan of DBSK

Actress Moon Chae Won is famously known for acting innocent and ladylike characters. However, the actress is seen wildly cheering for DBSK and surprised her fans!

On November 18, Moon Chae Won went to DBSK’s world tour called “Catch Me.” According to SM Entertainment, the actress and DBSK don’t privately know each other.

In fact, the actress turns out be a huge fan of DBSK. Moon Chae Won lined up at an early hour for the concert seat with a glow stick in her hand. She joined other fans to cheer for the singer group for three hours!

Fans in the concert who saw Moon Chae Won commented that they were really surprised. The actress recently finished filming “Nice Guy.” Regardless of her busy schedule, the actress proved that she is a huge fan of DBSK.

Other than Moon Chae Won, BoA and Sulli were seen at DBSK concert.