Leeteuk’s Last Pictorial Before His Enlistment

Men’s style magazine “GEEK” recently released Leeteuk’s last pictorial before he joined the army on October 30. His military haircut was completed during the photoshoot, and so the pictures of Leeteuk before, during, and after the haircut were included in this pictorial. He even posed with the scissors in his hand. These photos are expected to show Leeteuk’s unique sense of humor.

Leeteuk appeared to be awkward and embarrassed with his short hair, but as soon as the shoot began, he was very professional. A staff from this photoshoot later stated that with each different hairstyle, Leeteuk showed different poses and expressions accordingly. He also displayed his lean athletic body by wearing tight knitted tops or sleeveless shirts.

Pictures of Leeteuk receiving a tattoo “Good Bye” on his fingers were also taken. During this part of the photoshoot, Leeteuk was unable to hide his sad expression as he knew he would miss his fans greatly.

The complete pictorial of Leeteuk can be seen in the December issue of “GEEK” and on the magazine homepage (www.geekmag.co.kr).