Jo Kwon and Wooyoung Have a Private Christmas Party for CeCi Pictorial

2AM‘s Jo Kwon and 2PM‘s Wooyoung showed off their close friendship through a special, Christmas concept pictorial.

The two friends posed for CeCi magazine and showed off their own private Christmas party.

In the photos, both Jo Kwon and Wooyoung sport playful and mischievous facial expressions. Photos showing them enjoying champagne, eating pizza and holding up gifts show holiday cheer as well as a fun boy’s night out. They seem like they’re having a great time and it really feels like they are excited to have their own little party.

Jo Kwon and Wooyoung are known to be best friends in the K-Pop world but this photo shoot of just them two is the first since their debut and many fans are showing great interest.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon and the other 2AM members will be throwing a “The Way Of Love” 2AM concert on November 24 and November 25.