Lee Seung Ki’s “Heo Dang” Charms and Variety Skills Boost Ratings for “Running Man”

“Variety Expert” Lee Seung Ki‘s guest appearance on SBS’sRunning Man” had boosted ratings this past weekend.

On the episode of “Running Man” that aired on November 18, Lee Seung Ki shed his “uhm-chin-ah” (mother’s friend’s son; someone who excels in all aspects of life) image and blasted off his “heo dang” (a person who is always a bit off and easily confused) charms. Lee Seung Ki’s “heo dang” charms captivated the hearts of the viewers as “Running Man” recorded a general rating of 16.6%. Other programs in the time slot on KBS recorded a 12.9% rating, which is a 3.7% difference. At one point, the rating even rised to over 20%.

On this day, Lee Seung Ki’s team hoped that he would be the brains of the group and execute each mission as planned. However, nothing quite went according to the plan, which brought about much laughter. Lee Seung Ki formed a team with Lee Gwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk. During the mission, Lee Seung Ki received a chance card first but ended up coming in last place.

For a different mission where each team member had to wipe out other members by shooting a water gun, Lee Seung Ki did not know the proper way to use the water gun and struggled with it a lot. He had a chance to eliminate Kim Jong Gook but was too late and lost his chance to Lee Gwang Soo.

Lee Seung Ki stacked up his variety experience through “1N2D” and “Strong Heart” and he recently proved that his skills have not gone to rust. The viewership rating boost is certain evidence that Lee Seung Ki’s variety skills are never to be overlooked!