T-ara’s Hyomin Takes Off Her Jacket During a Japanese Concert

On an online community bulletin board, a picture was posted under the title, “T-ara member’s shocking behaviour during the concert in Japan.”

In the picture are two concert tickets and T-ara’s member Hyomin during the Japanese Concert that took place on November 18.

During the concert, Hyomin took her jacket off and ended up with only a small white tank top. Contrast to her young girly face, her action was seen to be mature and sexy. One of the dance moves also included undoing her shirt and displaying her abs.

Netizens who saw this picture replied, “We haven’t seen T-ara doing this kind of sexy dance in Korea,” “Hyomin is showing off her lean body,” “I think it was too much for her to take off her jacket. The tank top she was wearing underneath looked like lingerie.”

Meanwhile, T-ara released the Japanese version of “SEXY LOVE” on November 14. After busy schedule of interviews and promoting their new album in Japan, T-ara returned to Korea on November 19.