Hyori a Victim of Excessive Photoshop?

On November 19, a pictorial of Hyori for makeup brand CLIO was revealed. Many netizens expressed that because of excessive use of photoshop, singer Hyori has become a cartoon-like and similar to Pinocchio. While the original concept of the pictorial was “Unique Funk,” Hyori’s face was not what it used to be. Her skin tone seemed to have gone 3 shades darker and her nose looked too sharp. Still, the star below her right eye might have boosted the funky style.

An official of the brand said, “We chose to go for a funky club theme. After drawing her eyes with navy-colored eyeliner, we completed the look with the star underneath her to show a bold and humorous look.”

On the other hand, Hyori recently ended her 5-year contract with the soju brand “Chum-Churum.”