Top Star Joo Won Receives About $630 For Monthly Allowance

Recently earning the title “top star” for bringing in high ratings for dramas “King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo” and “Bridal Mask” and variety show “1 Night 2 Days,” Joo Won revealed that he currently has a monthly allowance of 700,000 won (roughly $630).

On November 20, he made a guest appearance in tvN eNEWS’ special corner “Star Interview” and confessed how much he’s allowed to spend each month. He explained, “My parents handle my increasing income. I receive 700,000won as allowance from them. The only time I really need money is during ‘1 Night 2 Days’ company dinner. Whenever I pay for dinner, the hyungs are very considerate and only eat naengmyun.”

He revealed that he is a filial son by sharing, “I let my parents buy whatever they need with the money.”

Joo Won shared about his hard times in the past. “During my days as a musical actor, I received 2,000,000won (roughly $1800) for 8 months. I wouldn’t have any money left after using it up for transportation and food. Whenever there were company meetings or friend gatherings, I wouldn’t be able to go home because the buses stopped running. I even had to receive taxi fare money and some money for food from fans back then.”