MAMA 2012 to Have Guy-Guy Couple Performance

There’s only 10 days left before MAMA 2012 (Mnet Asian Music Awards) and you know what that means! Many of our beloved idols and actors are busy learning routines and upgrading choreographies and remixing their tunes for grander performances fit for the season.

On November 20, a press conference for the event was held at CJ E&M Center in Sangamdong, Seoul. The PD in charge of the event commented, “We’ll have the awards ceremony in Hong Kong this year to represent not just Korea, but Hong Kong and Asia.”

A reporter brought up that ever since the kiss performance at MAMA 2010, there has been a lot of sensational performances.

Regarding the topic, the PD went on, “That performance and others afterwards were appropriate for this type of scale. We don’t think that the parents of young children will think these performances are harmful. We currently have a guy-guy performance planed.”

Soompiers, what do you think? Does MAMA have to be children friendly or should they use a higher age rating to avoid angry parents? Also, who do you think will participate in the guy-guy performance? 2 male idols?