No Hong Chul Poses His Infamous “Gangnam Style” Pose with the Iraqi President’s Nephew

No Hong Chul revealed that he posed his infamous elevator pose from PSY’s “Gangnam Style” music video with the nephew of the Iraqi President. During a recent recording of KBS’s “Story Show Do Dream,” No Hong Chul shared stories about his increasing popularity among foreign fans thanks to PSY’s music video.

He started, “Ever since the ‘Gangnam Style’ music video got over 700 million views, many foreigners started coming for me.” No Hong Chul continued, “One day, the Iraqi President’s nephew found me and asked me if he could pose between my legs like in the music video. I asked him if he was serious, and when I check to see that he was, I took him to an elevator to do it right.”

Check out the rest of No Hong Chul’s stories on his newfound popularity overseas on Saturday night’s episode of “Story Show Do Dream” at 10:25PM KST.