“Personal Taste” Wins Best Foreign Drama Award in Japan

The Korean drama “Personal Taste” starring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin won best foreign drama at the “GyaO! Awards 2012” in Japan.

GyaO! is a Japanese video sharing subunit of Yahoo! Japan. The awards had five categories for most shared: movies, Japanese drama, foreign drama, animation, and variety shows. The population anime “One Piece” won the award for most shared over all.“Personal Taste” was the most shared foreign drama, beating out American TV shows, and it also ranked #7 in the overall shared chart.

“Personal Taste” aired in 2010 and was directed by Son Hyung Suk and Noh Jong Chan. It stars Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho, an architect who pretends to be gay to be roommates with Son Ye Jin’s Park Gae In to uncover the secret behind her famous traditional Korean house.