Wonder Girls’ Hyelim Shares Charming Selca

Hyelim, from Wonder Girls’, updated her followers with her latest selca.

On November 20, she posted on her twitter “The weather is getting cold” and included the picture she took.

Inside the picture, she wore her fur hoody giving the illusion that she did something drastic to her hair. Most of her hair is hidden, but Hyelim lets a part of her wide swept bangs cover part of her face. She drew on black eyeliner and shaded in her eyebrows, tilting her head slightly proving that she has mastered the ulzzang pose. She lightly purses her lipstick smeared lips, sporting a small smile.

Netizens who saw the picture praised, “I thought she was young, but now Hyelim has grown up,” “Now Hyelim is in charge as the face of Wonder Girls’,” “Hyelim is getting prettier with each moment.”