Kim Hee Sun Looks Stunning in Cosmopolitan Photo Spread

At the “Cosmopolitan Asian Beauty Awards 2012” that took place in China in October 2012, actress Kim Hee Sun won the title of this year’s “Beauty Icon.” As part of this event, she participated in a pictorial for the Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The photoshoot took place in China. On the set, Kim Hee Sun was beautiful and professional. In a white mini-dress, she showed off sexy yet elegant poses. Despite the fact that she now has become a mother, she still had a stunningly slender body.

Officials later stated that Kim Hee Sun was energetic throughout the entire shoot. She also surprised everyone by taking the staffs out to dinner.

During a recent interview on her latest drama “Faith,” Kim Hee Sun stated, “When I was young, I was impatient and moody, but now I have better control of myself. It was the right timing for me to participate in this drama. I had a really good time.”