After School’s Lizzy Confesses to Drinking at Work

After School‘s Lizzy is garnering much attention as the newly rising acting-dol with her role as Yuri in “Rascal Sons,” who is hopelessly and unrequitedly in love with Min Ki (played by Ryu Soo Young). Yuri is a wild and hopelessly romantic character, hiding in Min Ki’s car trunk to come back to Seoul with him just after meeting him at a hostel. In “Rascal Sons,” Yuri insists on living at Min Ki’s work studio and expresses her feelings for him disregard of his feelings.

This character Yuri could have easily been portrayed as someone rather annoying and inconvenient, but Lizzy is doing a great job at portraying Yuri as a lovable rascal. Lizzy commented on her character Yuri and her first traditional acting experience, “To be honest, I have been feeling pressured working with many veteran actors and actresses. Since this is my first traditional acting experience, I was contemplating whether I should be acting grounded and dignified like others. But I’m trying my best everyday with Yuri, as she is very similar to my real character.”

She picked drinking on the filming set for a scene as her most memorable and fun experience working on “Rascal Sons.” She explained, “In the scene where I was opening a beer can, I actually drank while filming. It was different. I felt a little fluttered. I think a little bit of drinking helped me filming better and with more fun.”

Meanwhile, MBC weekend drama “Rascal Sons” air every Saturday and Sunday at 8:50pm KST.