Taeyeon Makes Cute Expressions for a Baby

Adorable expressions by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon were caught by a fan recently.

On an online community bulletin board, a video of Taeyeon was uploaded under the title, “Taeyeon amuses a baby, and then pretends ignorance.”

In the video, Taeyeon first gazes at a baby who is being held by her mother. To amuse the baby, Taeyeon puckers her lips. But then all of a sudden, her expression turns almost gloomy.

Netizens who saw this video replied, “It’s like a baby is playing with another baby,” “Taeyeon is so cute” “Her expression changed so fast,” “Lovely and adorable Taeyeon.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation was recently chosen by the British magazine “The Guardian” to be the next Kpop star of the world after the singer PSY.