Han Ji Min Successfully Holds First Solo Fan Meeting in Japan

Han Ji Min proved her star status in Japan by holding her first solo fan meeting in the country. According to reports in local news agencies, the actress met some of her Japanese fans in an event held on November 18.

The event kicked off with a highlights reel of Han Ji Min’s recent drama “Rooftop Prince,” the series that shot her to her current popularity in Japan. It was further reported that while Han Ji Min started the handshake and photo session a bit awkwardly, she was able to become more comfortable afterwards.

After the initial stage, the actress read off a handwritten letter. She also showcased her hidden singing ability by performing her own rendition of Baek Ji Young’s “After a Long Time” from the “Rooftop Prince” soundtrack. Fans cheered upon discovering that the actress is able to carry a tune, since she has never sung in public before.

“I feel the burden of this first fan meeting, so I am quite shy,” Han Ji Min said in a statement released through her management agency. “I exerted effort to get ready for this event, even to sing, to be able to give back to the fans.”

Fans who attended the event were all able to personally shake the actress’ hand. Organizers were satisfied with the success of the fan meeting and said, “Han Ji Min looks very beautiful in the drama, and she is just as beautiful in person. We’ve become fans all over again. We hope to get the chance to see her more frequently in Japan.”

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min is currently on hiatus and has yet to pick her next project.