ZE:A’s Siwan Takes a Dangerous(?) Selca from a Rooftop

ZE:A’s Siwan shared a dangerous(?) selca from a rooftop. On November 20, the singer-actor tweeted, “A photo I took while lying down at the top of the tower. It looks like I’m floating in the sky,” and attached a photo of himself.

In the photo, Siwan flashes his 100 watt smile and a victory sign while lying on the ledge of a building rooftop. His milky white complexion really stood out thanks to his all black outfit and dark curly hair.

Netizens who’ve seen the photo commented, “Wow, he doesn’t look scared,” “He looks adorable with his perm,” “I’m so jealous of his perfect skin,” and more. 

Meanwhile, Siwan was also spotted unwinding with his celebrity friends Kwanghee and Lee Joon at the spa earlier this week.