Sinsadong Tiger Reveals How He Helped Idols Date Each Other

After the latest broadcast of SBS’s variety talk show “Strong Heart,” composer Sinsadong Tiger is receiving much attention for helping idols date.

A member of idol group ZE:A, Kwanghee shared, “If any of the idols want to date, there’s a saying that they would call Sinsadong Tiger. What I mean is that he would help give rides to the idols. That’s how the idols are able to date, in the back of the car. He would keep all the secrets.”

Afterwards, Sinsadong Tiger added, “Just because the company tries to stop datings doesn’t mean feelings are blocked. If they’re going to meet, it’s best that they meet in a safe environment. I will take a male idol in my car and when a female idol gets in, I will leave. That’s how I let the two date. To tell you the truth, 4 couples have dated in the car. And there is one couple that’s currently still seeing each other.”

Soompiers, do you feel happy or sad that the idols are limited to dating options. No dates at the shopping mall, cafes, amusements parks or yummy restaurants.