Lee Seung Gi Transforms Into a Lyricist for Latest Album

Multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi is returning back to the public as a singer quite, quite soon.

It’s been previously reported that he’s working on an album with Epitone Project. This project will be his 5.5 mini album, titled “Forest” and will be released on November 22.

On November 21, a representative from his company stated, “The collaboration project is finished. It’s an album focused on melodical lyrics and emotional music. One will feel healing while listening to the album.”

The title track “Turning Back” is an emotional ballad track with a repetitive and melodious chorus. The overall theme of the album will be “healing music.” The third song on the album, “Forest,” is a gentle song creating a calming effect for people who have to work hard in a difficult world.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi previously starred in MBC’s drama “The King 2 Hearts.”