miss A’s Suzy and Jia Look Ethereal in “Allure Korea”

miss A’s Suzy and Jia have taken a pictorial for the December issue of the magazine “Allure Korea.” Even though both were very busy with their performances and individual schedules, the shooting went very well and kept laughing having fun with the rest of the staff.

When Suzy was asked how she can keep smiling all the time despite the hardships, she answered, “Before, when I was tired, it was hard to keep my face straight. But now I tell myself that I am a professional and try to forget everything and just enjoy the moment.” When the singer was additionally questioned if she had any worries, she replied, “I don’t want to remain as someone who is just cute and youthful. I want to do better, mature, and be recognized but that’s hard to do because I don’t have enough of ‘me’ time. I want to show a perfect performance on stage but with all the other schedules, I don’t have time to practice much.”

In turn, when Jia was asked whether she was worried with all the competition rising as the number of girl groups is increasing, she said, “A lot of people ask us who our rival is. Before, I used to say that there were none but now I answer that it’s miss A. Because ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ was such a hit, many people still remember that as our main song. I want to beat that record and hope to do it through this new album.”

Many more pictures of Suzy and Jia can be seen in the December issue of “Allure Korea” or at its website.