JYP Produces Lee Ha Yi’s New Single

Lee Ha Yi’s second single is reported to be produced by Park Jin Young, the head of JYP Entertainment.

According to Lee Ha Yi’s agency, YG Entertainment, Lee Ha Yi will try a JYP-produced ballad track as her follow up single. The news drew a lot of interest not just because JYPE and YGE are rival agencies, but because Park Ji Min and Baek Ah Yeon, the two other top contestants from SBS “K-Pop Star” recruited by JYP, debuted with songs not produced by Park Jin Young.

Yang Hyun Suk secretly planned and put together all promotional activities for Lee Ha Yi, so we can’t reveal any more details,” YGE said in a statement.

“But for the new single, we are not going to produce a music video. It won’t feature any fancy outfits or back dancers for her stage either. Yang Hyun Suk’s goal is to purely compete with Lee Ha Yi’s unique vocals. We didn’t even take photos, so the new song’s main images will be pictures drawn by Lee Ha Yi,” YGE added.

Lee Ha Yi has been one of the most sensational rookie singers this year with her debut track, “1,2,3,4,” which remained on top of most online music charts since its release on October 29. Her second track is scheduled for release at noon on November 22.