HyunA to Meet with Scooter Braun for Possible U.S. Promotions?

Could HyunA be following in the footsteps of PSY for her U.S. promotions? Local reports indicate she’s close to meeting with PSY’s U.S. agent Scooter Braun for her possible U.S. promotions!

On November 21, Yonhap News Agency quoted an unnamed source that said, “HyunA is currently in Los Angeles to film an auto commercial. It is our understanding that she is scheduled to meet with Scooter Braun here as well.”

The source continued, “HyunA and her latest single, ‘Ice Cream,’ attracted a lot of interest from foreign media as a top K-Pop artist to follow PSY. Also, with her appearance on ‘Gangnam Style,’ we think Scooter Braun’s agency is showing a lot of interest in her. There’s also a good chance that PSY might meet with HyunA in L.A.”

HyunA and Braun’s meeting is already drawing a lot of interest since Braun is known for finding and producing world-star talent. He’s largely responsible for the success of Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen, as well as the management of PSY’s U.S. promotions.

In a recent interview, HyunA did mention her dreams of one day advancing into the U.S. market. “I do have aspirations but I shouldn’t rush it. I think it’s right that a train more before moving to the States. I also need to study more English to communicate fluently here,” she said.

In fact, HyunA received a lot of publicity from foreign media after the release of “Bubble Pop” last year. At the time, “Bubble Pop” surpassed 10 million views on YouTube within two weeks of its release, and so far has generated more than 40 million clicks. Her latest MV, “Ice Cream,” exceeded the 20 million click milestone in just 10 days.

Cube Entertainment, however, declined to get in the details of this meeting between HyunA and Braun, as they said, “It is true that HyunA and Scooter Braun promised to have a meeting during her trip there, but we haven’t confirmed on the date yet.”