Shinsadong Tiger Explains How He Composed BEAST’s “Fiction”

Did you know that some of the K-Pop songs you hear have some very interesting facts? In this case, BEAST’s popular song “Fiction” was inspired by the biggest scandal of 2011: 3 way love triangle between top stars and legendary musician.

On November 20, composer Shinsadong Tiger made a guest appearance on SBS’s variety talk show “Strong Heart.” He explained, “At the time, I was a radio guest when I heard about the scandal regarding the top stars. It’s the love triangle where one person’s identity was unknown. Everyone knows about this scandal.”

He went on, “There were many articles regarding the incident then about the 2 top actors and top singer. One of the replies regarding the topic was ‘This is like a novel. This is fiction.’ I saw that and decided to write a song about the incident in the point of view of one person. That’s how I created BEAST’s ‘Fiction.’”