Suzy Shows Off Her Drawing Skills…Again!

For the third time in the past month, miss A’s Suzy has made headlines with her amazing drawing skills. This time it was the caricature of comedian Kim Shin Young and Super Junior’s Shindong that impressed the fans, as her drawing perfectly depicted the unique features of the two celebrities’ faces.

During the November 20 episode of MBC Music’s “Show Champion,” Suzy used basic crayons to quickly draw up the caricatures, pin pointing the features that stood out from each ceclebrity.

Kim Shin Young at first looked satisfied with her drawing, but later asked for some edits, requesting a “nose job.” Suzy this time focused on creating a more cartoonish character of Kim Shin Young, with oversized eyes and a sharp nose, more commonly seen in Japanese mangas. Suzy later said, “The point of this drawing is the wrinkles between her nose and cheeks.”

Just last week, Suzy impressed fans with her drawing of Defconn and Jung Hyung Don on “Weekly Idol.” She also drew caricatures of Leeteuk, Boom, Shin Dong Yup, and Lee Dong Wook during an SBS “Strong Heart episode last month.

How do you like Suzy’s caricature of Kim Shin Young?