Moon Chae Won Thinks Song Joong Ki Has Charms as a Man

Actress Moon Chae Won talks about her co-worker Song Joong Ki from KBS’s drama “Nice Guy.”

On November 21, she appeared at CGV in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul for the 33rd Blue Dragon Awards Handprinting Ceremony

After the ceremony, comedian Shim Hyun Sub asked Moon Chae Won, “You worked with Song Joong Ki for the drama ‘Nice Guy.’ What did you feel from him?” She replied, “He has a lot of charms as a man.”

She went on, “I watched ‘A Werewolf Boy’ not too long ago. I attended the VIP screening, but I couldn’t watch the movie then because I was busy filming for a drama. I just went there and got my picture taken. I watched it later and I realize that he has a boyish-like charm and also has manly charisma. I felt it during the drama, but I realized it more after watching the movie. It’s charming that he has both two different sides.”

Meanwhile, the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards will take place on November 30 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.