Som Dam Bi Talks about Pressure She Felt after Successful Debut

Sexy Queen Son Dam Bi was recently interviewed by the Joong Ang Daily about her singing career.

The singer recently made a comeback. The comeback is made after two years since Son Dam Bi released “Queen” in 2010. The singer told the Joong Ang Daily that she needed a good rest. She told that she was in a slump, and she needed two years to fully recover from it.

Meanwhile, Son Dam Bi confessed that she couldn’t overcome the pressure to perform well continuously. The pressure that her follow-up single after “Crazy” and “On Saturday Night” must be successful, became a great burden on her career. Son Dam Bi mentioned, “Now that I think about it, the slump was part of the growing process.”

The singer explained about her recent comeback stage, “I literally couldn’t stop shaking. I guess I was really nervous and shed tears. Thankfully, my manager advised me to act like a professional and helped me to pull myself together.”