Son Dam Bi Shares How Her Alcohol Tolerance Increased

In an interview with Joong Ang Daily, Son Dam Bi confessed that she can take up to five glasses of soju and beer mixed together. The singer told, “When I was active as a singer, I didn’t have time to drink because I was busy promoting my song. So, I started drinking when I started acting.”

Son Dam Bi played a main role in “Lights and Shadow.” Since she was one of the main characters, Son Dam Bi said she showed up regularly for staff meetings. “The meeting usually took place in a restaurant and we would end up drinking,” added Son Dam Bi. The singer indicated that she could drink very little in the past. The most she could drink was a glass of soju and sprite. Now that she enjoys drinking, she drinks five cups of hardcore mix of soju and beer.

Son Dam Bi told she had fun and loves acting. She mentioned all the names of actors who appeared in “Lights and Shadow” in appreciation, “The seniors helped me out a lot and taught me so much. It wouldn’t have been the same without them.”